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The 8 Person Toxic Meltdown Inflatable Rental

The HOTTEST game of the year is HERE!

The toxic meltdown inflatable rental is the hottest game of the year and taking the world by storm.  If you are looking for an extreme ride for your next event look no farther! Inspired by the television show "Wipeout", The Toxic Meltdown is a huge hit.  The goal of the game is for players to avoid being knocked off their pedastals as the two mechanical arms swing round and roung.  Players have to try to stay standing on their pedistal without falling off while the two arms spin. Players duck under the higher arm and for more of a challenge, leap over the lower arm.  Once you fall or get knocked off, you move to the back of the inflatable and the last one standing is declared the winner.  To keep it interesting, the arms also change direction.  This game is the hottest thing going right now, and kids and adults alike will be lined up around the block to test their skills.  Party Go Round provides an operator that is fully trained and qualified to safely operate this ride.  Bring the challenge and excitement of the Toxic Meltdown to your next event.  This game is also perfect for fundraisers, school functions, corporate events and more.  


The perfect choice for after proms, school field days and more.

Meltdown is an exciting 8 person interactive inflatable attraction. Two spinning booms rotate to challenge participants in a game of endurance. The higher boom forces participants to duck. The lower boom requires participants to jump. Meltdown is a "spin" off of a similar game from the TV show Wipeout. Meltdown is guaranteed to be one of the most popular interactive inflatables at your next event. As an interactive inflatable, Meltdown engages participants and spectators. Spectators will get the enjoyment of watching spills and skills. Participants get the satisfaction of defeating one of the best interactive inflatable activities if they can stay on the pedestal. Don't get left out of the fun that Meltdown has to offer!


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