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The Best Photo Booth Rentals In Cincinnati

For the best photo booth rental Cincinnati hast to offer, look no further than Party Go Round.  A photo booth is the perfect addition to school formal dances, prom rentals, weddings, family reunions, and community events. Capture the moments of your guests that they can even email or text them to themselves. Our photo booth is a great way to capture moments at formal dances, for example. Use the booths year after year to get a great set of images of the class, which can be used to make a slideshow at graduation.  Our photo booths come with props that will further add to the images. Let your guests have some fun with a photo booth rental Cincinnati. 

Our photo booth rental Cincinnati comes fully contained, meaning they can be set up just about anywhere and are easy to use. Of course, we will show you how it works and goes over everything with you to ensure you can use our photo booth party rental Cincinnati to its full potential. There are many various options to play around with which makes the photo booth rental Cincinnati so much fun.

Great Photo Options in your photo booth rental Cincinnati.  

Pile in everyone and get your picture taken. Grab some silly props and create pictures to enjoy for years to come. All of the photos are easily texted to allow everyone to share on social media. Create your own personalized hashtags to allow all the guests to easily share!  Of course, we offer a backup copy of all the images for you, the host, to have forever. This is really great for weddings as you get to capture photos that your photographer would have otherwise missed. Capture captivating photos, silly expressions, and groups all with ease!  The lighting will always be perfect as our smart photo booth adjusts and sets the lighting for your particular set up. Add fun graphics, silly or inspiring sayings and create your memes or gifs. It is really is a great addition to any party. And, so much fun!


Add a photo booth rental Cincinnati to your event

A photo booth rental can be a great addition to any event. Corporate events are fun, as you get to hang out with your work buddied without the stress of work.  Get some pictures of everyone letting loose and having fun with our photo booth rental. It comes complete with propers, stickers and other effects to liven up your images and bring them to a whole new level. When the guests are done, they can text or email them to themselves to share on social media and with each other. A master file will be created for the event with all the images in one spot. You can use these photos to create slide shows, videos and more. All the photos from our photo booth rental Cincinnati are yours to keep and do what you want with. They come completely copyright free.

Company images for social media

If you want fun things to post to your company's social media page, capture the workers having fun and being silly. However, photo booth rental Cincinnati is not just for silly pictures. They are great for groups too. When having an event with people that don't always get to see each other, a photo booth rental  Cincinnati is perfect for capturing the different groups as they are. Candid images are some of the best memories! Let our photo booth rental Cincinnati capture those memories!   

Order with confidence

Our photo booth rental Cincinnati can be rented from our website with ease. And, it just gets easier for our renter from there. Our professional team will bring the photo booth rental Cincinnati to your location.  That is right! With all of our rentals, we will bring it to you, set it up, show you anything that you may need and come and tear it down when you are done. It is that simple. Yes, even after prom. In fact, we offer our bounce house rentals and carnival rentals to schools for safe after prom fun. Everything we carry is always kept in pristine condition. No worries about us showing up with old dingy equipment. We care for all of our equipment personally and ensure that it is kept in tip-top shape. And, everything is state inspected and insured.

When you rent a photo booth rental Cincinnati, you can rent with confidence!  We have done this for years and don't plan on going anywhere soon. Be careful renting from just anyone as they can show up with inferior equipment. Or, worse, they can just not show up at all, ruining your day. When hiring an inflatable rental company you should always check their online reviews, ask questions and be sure you are detailed with your instructions.

Fundraisers with Inflatables

Are you in charge of an upcoming event? Not sure where to start? Maybe you got to be the chosen one for the fundraiser coming up. If so, Congratulations!  You have found one of the most respected party rental companies in all of Cincinnati! We not only offer photo booth rental Cincinnati but all kinds of party rentals that are perfect for fundraisers. Let's be honest, nobody likes a fundraiser that is full of high priced trinkets. However, our party rentals are perfect for fundraisers! All kids love carnivals and parents love giving their kids a good time!  This is a no brainer, as it is a one day deal and you are done. This isn't a long and drawn out thing but one day and done. There is not any large order to break up into individual orders. There is really very little set up for you to do.

For the best outcome, you will need to do a lot of advertising. Send flyers home with the kids and be as detailed as possible. This informs parents what to expect when they arrive. Set up the carnival however you would like. Remember that you are providing an experience and it is not just a fundraiser. Have fun things to do, offer concessions and even arts and crafts can be a great addition as well.

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