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Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. Here you will find the answers you're looking for. If you do not, please feel free to give us a call anytime at (513) 570-5383.

Booking & Reservation Questions

Q.What is the process for reserving a bounce house or other party rental equipment?
To secure a rental from our collection, like a bounce house or other party essentials, start by picking your preferred item and adding it to your cart, along with your event's date and time. Our website instantly updates you on the availability of your chosen inflatables, games, or other products for the specified time. After making your selections, complete the checkout process. A 20% deposit is necessary to book your item. You'll get a text message the day before your event to remind you to pay the remaining balance.
Q.How do I check the availability of the inflatable rental that I'd like to book for my event?
Our user-friendly website allows you to check the availability of any inflatable rental 24/7. Simply enter your event date and time, then browse our selection. The website will indicate if an item is unavailable for your chosen time. If not stated, the item is available. With a variety of options, you're likely to find a suitable alternative even if your first choice is booked.
Q.How far in advance should I book the inflatables for my party or event?
Reservations for our party rentals are based on a first-come, first-served policy. A 20% deposit is required to hold your chosen date. Confirmation of your reservation is sent via email after the deposit is received. This email contains a link to sign a digital contract, which you should complete promptly. We appreciate your prompt response to these steps.
Q.What types of inflatable rentals are available from Party Go Round in Cincinnati, OH?
Party Go Round in Cincinnati, OH, boasts a diverse range of inflatables for all types of events and ages. Our collection includes various themed bounce houses, refreshing water slides for summer days, and engaging obstacle courses. Combo units mix bounce and slide features, and we have interactive games for competitive fun. Special inflatables for toddlers ensure safe enjoyment. Themed inflatables, from popular characters to unique designs, are all maintained with a focus on safety and cleanliness, promising a memorable and enjoyable event.
Q.Do you have themed bounce houses and water slides for rent?
Absolutely! Our themed bounce houses and water slides cater to a variety of interests and occasions, ideal for birthdays, family events, or special celebrations. Our themes range from popular cartoons and superheroes to princess castles and jungle adventures, designed to enhance the fun and excitement of your party. We regularly update our collection with the latest themes to make your event stand out.
Q.How much room will I need?
Most of the items on our website do have the dimensions listed; however, if you have questions on whether or not an item will fit, please don't hesitate to ask.  PLEASE NOTE:  We require AT LEAST a 3' path to where the items will be set up.  Obstacle courses and larger games and water slides require more room.  If you have any doubt, simply give us a call and ask.  We can usually figure it out, but we must know in advance.  We will not move equipment up or down stairs.  Depending on the item, we may be able to do a couple stairs, but please check with us in advance.  We will not lift items over objects in your yard unless we discuss this in advance at the time of your booking.  If you have a steep hill, please let us know in advance and we will decide if we can deliver to that area.

Rental Durations & Pricing

Q.How long are your rental periods and how does the pricing work?
We have several different options available.  When browsing our website if you don't enter a time frame, the price you see displayed will be for a 6 hour rental.  You can then add more time if you'd like.  Rent up to 10 hours for only 15% more.  Or, you can choose to keep the inflatable or party rental equipment overnight for 30% more.  This would mean our crew would pickup the following morning after 7:30 am.  Our best deal would be a "weekend rental" for only 50% more so 1.5x the 6 hour price.  Get your item delivered Friday before 2pm and picked up Sunday after 4pm OR Saturday before 12pm and pickup Monday after 12pm.  Also, you can take advantage of our "3 Days of Fun for the Price of One!"  That's getting an item dropped off Monday (or Tuesday) before noon and pickup Wednesday (or Thurdsay) after 6pm.  M-W or T-H for only the 6 hour price.
Q.Do you offer any package deals or special pricing on multiple party rental items?
Yes, we provide party packages under our "Party Package" category. Select an inflatable, and you'll be prompted to add a game and concession. For additional games or concessions, feel free to contact us directly. We're here to tailor your order to your event's needs.

Delivery & Installation Questions

Q.Does Party Go Round deliver to my area?
In order to provide the best value and service to our customers, we have gone to great lengths to map out our delivery area.  All of our delivery areas and pricing are divided by zip code and can be found HERE.  We do travel further outside of these zip codes for larger events so please contact us if you have any questions. 
Q.How does the delivery and set up process work when I rent a bounce house, water slide or other inflatable from Party Go Round?
Our delivery and setup process for rentals is designed for your convenience. Once your rental is confirmed, we arrange a delivery time that suits your schedule. Our team manages the full setup, ensuring a secure and optimal placement of the inflatable. They provide necessary safety guidelines and complete the setup quickly. After your event, we take care of the dismantling and removal, making the conclusion of your event hassle-free.
Q.Will my items be delivered in time for my party?
With our strong commitment to our customers, we guarantee on time delivery. If the party rental items that you have selected aren't set up by the rental time, you won't pay a dime! This applies to the actual rental time, not the time that we set with you for the delivery. Adequate power must be on-site to ensure equipment can be up and operational before the event starts. We can provide generators if you need one at an additional charge; however, they must be rented before the event takes place.
Q.What type of surfaces do you set up on?
We prefer to set up on grass; however, we can also set up on concrete, asphalt and even indoors.  You will be prompted to select your setup surface when placing your online order.  WE WILL NOT SET UP ON SAND or anywhere within 300 feet of sand.  If you are unsure if we set up on your surface, please feel free to ask us.

Cancellations & Weather Concerns

Q.If bad weather is predicted for the day of my party or event, what is your cancellation policy?
In case of bad weather predictions for your event, you have the option to either cancel for a full refund or reschedule. While we strive to provide the same item you originally booked, alternatives may be necessary. We request that you inform us of cancellations or rescheduling at least 24 hours before the party or event begins.
Q.What if there are high winds predicted?
If it is too windy or high winds are predicted for your party time, WE WILL NOT SET UP AN INFLATABLE. We will not put you, your family or your guests at risk if winds are higher than manufacturer's recommendations. Most units have a limit of 15mph.  THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE as your safety is our absolute top priority. Of course, we will ABSOLUTELY either refund any payment in full or will reschedule at a later date when the weather is safe. We thank you in advance for understanding that safety is our top priority.

Insurance & Safety

Q.Is Party Go Round insured?
Yes, we are fully insured. We are more than willing to provide a copy of our insurance at your request. Schools, churches, municipalities and other venues may contact us in advance to make the proper arrangements to obtain additional insured or certificates. The using party or lessee shall be in charge of operation after receiving each unit, unless otherwise agreed to. Party Go Round isn't responsible for injuries occurring to any persons or lessee using the rental equipment or to any damage of personal property. Party Go Round also carries commercial auto insurance.
Q.What safety measures are taken by Party Go Round when renting party rental equipment?
Safety is a top priority at Party Go Round. We ensure our party rental equipment, including inflatables, meets the highest safety standards. Each item undergoes thorough cleaning and sanitization, and our installation team expertly sets up and secures the equipment, adhering to Cincinnati's safety regulations and best practices. Our team also provides comprehensive safety instructions and, for more complex setups, on-site supervision.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at (513) 570-5383.

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